You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.

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October 20th 2014

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princesschronic48 asked:
Let's go trick or treating 👻🎃

Yea! That would be perfect! We could trade candy while we watch Halloween movies! 

peoplesuck-pizzaisforever asked:
Your hashtags are my favourite. Thank you for making me smile when I needed it! (Your face is pretty great too)

You’re very welcome! You should always be smiling. It definitely makes other people smile. Thank you! lol I’m glad you enjoy my blog. Just don’t tell anyone you enjoy it though. 

arielsbeach asked:
Do you have a girlfriend?

Nope. Just a homeless loner. 

siinister-kid asked:
Pretty sure you ment your perfect. And im about 99.9 percent coffee so its all good <3

No, I would never say something like that. I meant you’re perfect! 99.9% is a lot of coffee! I’m not complaining though. I think its delicious. (was that weird?) 

traviskduran asked:
Heeeeeeeyyyyyy how are you? Studly as ever I see

Well, if it isn’t Travis… I was waiting for you to message me. I’m doing good man. How are you doing? 

thatfatredhead asked:
I imagine someone looking at your photo album on your phone and being like "wow, this guy really likes the way he looks when he's taking a shit".

Yea… I’ve had that conversation before. I try to delete the pictures off my phone as soon as possible. No body really looks through my phone though. Thats pretty rude.