July 17th 2014. 

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July* 22nd 2014. (Thank you http://hannahhhzappp.tumblr.com

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I think my crush for on-ze-john just keeps getting bigger. He’s just really adorable, and really nice and funny. Such a cutie.


June 22nd 2014. 

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tidesoftime asked:
Hey! You live on Long Island? What beaches do you go to? Maybe one day well cross paths. 🙌

I usually ride my bike to either Tobay or Jones. If you’re ever on ocean parkway you might see me riding my bike. I haven’t been to the beach a lot this year, sadly. If you do see me. Don’t be shy. 

cubofthewest asked:
I am starting to fall in love with you a little based on your face alone. no homo, yes homo.

Years ago a message like this would of made me feel very uncomfortable. But now, I embrace it. Thank you. I’m not gay, so I must apologize for being a tease. No need to no homo me. 

dearcarly asked:
Oh I feel you on that! It's a good thing we aren't talking in person because I would be stumblin' all over my words. I would definitely look/be a dingus.

We’d look like a couple of dinguses! I’m sure it would be a really interesting conversation to listen in on. Both of us stuttering and stumbling. Love and first sight. 

paradoxandplaid asked:
What is your favorite home cooked meal? and whats your favorite meal going out to a restaurant?

I’s say probably a roasted chicken with roasted potatoes with homemade bread with melted butter and steamed broccoli with garlic and sweet potato pie with strong coffee and cheesecake. Sorry about the grammar. I was in another world for a second. Favorite meal going out? Depends on the place. Cant go wrong with a nice steak. I can’t really think of a restaurant that knocks my socks off

liefjex asked:
I think I have the biggest crush on you. And I'm sad that you live so far away from me :( lol Your blog is a nice read. It's nice to see someone having a kind heart on tumblr :) xo

I wish I didn’t live so far from you. I think we would make a great team. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Is there a side of tumblr that I don’t see? Like a super mean side? Because I’m literally just talking to people. 

xbluestarling asked:
What do you look like minus all the facial hair? I can't find a photo even though I honestly did not look far , hahaha! Apart from that, how are you today?

Heres a pictures of me about a year ago in my bed, before i grew the beard. I’m doing great today. Relaxing. Preparing myself for some sleeps. how are you doing?