it-was-so-simple asked:
I just started working at H&M and I'm just so nervous about everything! Everyday I come in, I feel like an outsider :( do you have any advice? (I hope you had a great day today!)

Thats how everyone feels when they’re new at something. That feeling will eventually fade. Be confident. New jobs are always overwhelming for me. So much to learn. Do what the job asks of you, have a little small talk with the other employees, and keep reminding yourself that everyday it will get a little easier. You’ll be fine! I wish I had more advice for you. Like i said, working a new job is always so stressful for me in the beginning. I’m having a great day and I hope you have an amazing day! Let me know how things work out!


on-ze-john this one is for you!


Happy Birthday Michael Joseph Jackson. Your music continues to live on and you continue to inspire everyone all across the world.

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August 26th 2014

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August 25th 2014

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sierrahearts asked:
You've probably been asked this but what are you studying in school?

I am studying Biology. How have you been?!  

paradoxandplaid asked:
I think you may have invented spoken word poetry style tumblr tagging.

Really?! Do you think I could start a movement? 

what-a-life-gerald asked:
What were they trying to sell you?


nigaray asked:
hey,I'm not good at English,but I do think you are adorable..

That makes two of us! I think you’re adorable. So no we’re even! 

traviskduran asked:
Hmm time heals all wounds but wounds still leave scars! Just glad you're okay :) what's new

lol Thanks Travis. Nothing is new. I start school tomorrow. Thats about the newest thing in my life since school ended in May. Whats new with you?