April 14th, 2014. 

gardensandyou asked:
i enjoy spending my days off hiking, laying in my hammock, reading, writing, and doing some sort of art (usually painting). i think this means that we would get along perfectly if we ever had the opportunity to have a day off friendship adventure together! guess you need to find your way to tennessee eventually!

You have a hammock, that rocks. I would love to go on a friendship adventure with you! I love friendship and I love adventures so thats right up my alley! I’d love to come out to Tennessee, if I ever find my way out there, lets adventure! 

our-battle-scars asked:
*puts hands on face* oh my god, you're so lovely!

As Stevie Wonder once said “Isn’t she lovely” and that she would be you! 

thundabunz asked:
would you bump butts with Tina Belcher?

Of course I would. But I’m 23 and she’s just a kid, so now that I think about it I probably shouldn’t. 

loquaciously asked:
sleep is amazing, dont know too much details about it. but now i want to learn more about sleep! next library find!

Sleep is amazing! Did you find out anything new about sleep? We should totally research sleep together. That sounds like a lame pick up line, and maybe it is. I don’t know. 

rapunzelie asked:
I would like to thank not only god but also jesus for your blog

I would like to thank your parents for birthing such a beautifully awesome person. 

vintagebombshellkitten asked:
I was browsing around and I saw one of your pictures. I decided to see what you're all about, and I've come to truly appreciate how nice you are to people! <3

Well I thank your curiosity for checking me out. I’m not really nice to people. I’m just being a normal person. I’m only nice to the cuties, I’m just kidding, thats super shallow. But really, if someone sends me a message I just respond with sincerity. Nothing special, yo! But thank you for being the sweetest thing since honey. 

heavysighthennotasound asked:
Hey. So, I may or may not think you're awesome. =]

I hope you think I’m awesome, but if you don’t, thats cool. Have a good night 

yatzoness asked:
Yea, the weathers been awesome lately haha Awe ☺️ haha Mine was okay I went to work and did laundry - lol I'm guessing you didn't watch drive... Lol

The weather has been stupid here! It snowed last night! It’s currently in the low 40s right now. April snow showers bring May flo…..? No I didn’t watch Drive. I need to find a time to sit down and watch it! Hows everything with you going? 

greeneyedtexan asked:
How many epic grandmas do you know of?

A good amount. I’m part of the epic grandmas rockin’ club. They rock.