gardensandyou asked:
A few weeks ago, you left a gif of Brittney Spears on a post I wrote about needing cheered up and I never said thank you, but it worked! I actually laughed out loud. That was rad and nice of you. So, thank you.

Thank you! I’m glad it made you laugh. It makes me laugh whenever I see it lol. Feeling sad it completely normal and its healthy to feel that way sometimes. Just don’t let it happen again. Ever! 

cubofthewest asked:
Where's that shirt from and why is your bathroom red?

Forever 21. You like it? My bathroom is actually green. You might be color blind, brother. 

h2whoa-there asked:
Once you get this, share five of your favorite things about yourself. Then send it to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable).

I have no favorite things about myself. Everyday I wake up and I hope I’m a different person. Like in Freaky Friday, except that I don’t hope I’m my mom. That would be weird. 

jannabelle asked:
I just watched your videos. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

Thank you for watching my videos! You must of been really bored. I hope someone didn’t force you to watch them. That would be horrible. I’m glad you enjoyed them! I apologize for the last one. The noise in the background is super annoying, right? You’re amazing. And I love you. And I think you’re great. And thank you! Thank you for being you! 

sammxhill asked:
You watch the walking dead?

Yes I do. I’m also one of those people who say the comics are way better. I still enjoy the show though, even though majority of the actors are pretty terrible. 

teatripper asked:
ohhh okay sickk

I thought I was the only person who says sick. Why, How old are you? 

For the Biologists and invertebrate specialists out there. Here is a video of the Protozoa Stentor. Ignore the audio of the clip. All you’ll here is my dumb voice and the voice of my lab partner. 

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September 15th 2014. 

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teatripper asked:
woah! enthusiasm! I'm great! ☺️ but I asked how old you were haha

Oh man! lol I’m laughing pretty hard right now. Sorry about that. lol. I don’t know how i misread that. lol. I’m a total idiot. I’m sorry. I’m 23. 


Hows everyone doing? Get off the internet and enjoy something. Unless that something you enjoy is the internet… then I guess stay on it and keep enjoying. Weird. 

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