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littleadventureroflife asked:
Yeah same here! Long day? My day kinda just began I guess well kinda lol

Your day just began?! My day is just about to come to a close. 

dieerlebnisse asked:
just as insanely good looking as ever (also guess what I tie-dyed at camp)

you’re talking about yoself right? Was it a white bucket hat? 

littleadventureroflife asked:
Oh darn!! I apologize for not introducing myself properly! Hi, I'm Amanda :) nice to meet you! Sorry!!!

Hi Amanda, very nice to meet you! My name is Mike

Got bored the other day. 

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littleadventureroflife asked:
I'm gooooood! How are you today?

I’m great! Just hanging out on the internet right now. Just hanging around. Pretty tired. 

anewbills asked:
List of 5. And number 1 is foot fetish.

Would you kill someone if they tried to touch your feet or if they put their foot in your face?

communitychest asked:
You quoting oscar from hey Arnold just made my night. That's one of my fave episodes omg. Pet pet pet the kitty

lol Awesome, right?! I will never forget that episode 

weretangledlnthegreatescape asked:
I love reading your blog, it makes me so happy. You seem like quite the extraordinary & wonderful person. :)

Thank you! That means a ton to me! I can’t believe you take the time out of your day to read it?! How did you come across it? 

it-was-so-simple asked:
Have you ever thought of getting new glasses? Also, how many pairs of glasses have you had in your life? (I've had 5 different pairs since 4th grade!)

I have a whole bunch of glasses. I have 4 pairs. Ive had about 7 in my whole life because my prescription changed. I used to wear contacts when I was younger because I hated myself with glasses on. Now people wear glasses that don’t even have prescription! Life is weird. By the way, you look very cute with your glasses.